Just a Small Wave on this Dark Sea

You have somehow stumbled on to my web home. This could only mean one of two things... you either know who I am or you looked up a keyword and found your way here... Whatever the case may be, I welcome you to my home on the web - it is shiny with its new facelift.

Here, you will find the link to almost all things internet in regards to Aykon. To some I am known as Aykon, others know me as Locke, Neoderanged, ArgentShade, ArgentSoul, Skarekrow, or simply D. Whatever name you know, I hope you don't abuse it.

This site will probably not get many new features, just an ever changing list of links. After all, what is a network without many different links? It is the unison of many being connected to one. The list isn't long but I hope you don't get lost!